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Sensitometers-Desensitometers : Sensi-C


The Sensi C Sensitometer

Precision Accuracy

The Sensi C is a highly accurate, 21-step Sensitometer with a regulated light source. Exposures with both green (max 512 nm) and blue (max 455 nm) spectral ranges can be performed with the unit.

Power is provided by either a 9V alkaline battery source or an optional power adapter. Performance specifications for the Sensi-C Sensitometer unit are excellent, with exposure homogeneity across a step being less than 0.02 OD and long term stability of +/- 0.02 OD.

Exposure reproducibility is +/- 0.02 OD. The Sensi C Sensitometer system is designed to perform a maximum number of exposures quickly and easily.

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