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IMRT QA Equipment : VIDAR Dosimetry PRO

VIDAR Dosimetry PRO

VIDAR DosimetryPro Advantage

X-Ray Film Digitizer for Film Dosimetry and IRMT

VIDAR's DosimetryPRO Advantage offers the only digitizer with a 32 bit data path and outputting 16 bits of grayscale data.

More Information for Accurate Measurements

Use of the VIDAR DosimetryPRO Advantage with 65,536 shades of gray, provides significantly more information in the prenumbral regions. This means that dose levels to adjacent tissues can be more accurately measured. It also means that leaf leakage in MLC (Multi-Leaf Collimator) systems are easier to measure. Greater dose accuracy for complex fields used in IMRT (Intensity Modulation Radiation Therapy) and Dynamic Therapies results in greater confidence in the delivered dose.

Customer Benefits:
  • Self-calibrating before every film digitized
  • Superior reproducibility
  • Highest reliability for maximum "uptime"
  • Designed to meet exacting needs of radiation physicists and oncologists


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