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HDR-LDR Accessories : Model 045 Brachy Phantom

Model 045 Brachy Phantom

Model 045 Brachytherapy QA Phantom

Perform QA on sidefire transrectal probes.

Model 045 - Reliable and Specific:

The CIRS series of ultrasound phantoms, unlike human subjects or random scannable materials, offer a reliable medium which contains specific, known test objects for repeatable qualitative assessment of ultrasound scanner performance over time.

Grid Accuracy:

The Model 045 was designed for transrectal ultrasound QA and calibration of brachytherapy systems. It contains targets to assess volume measurements, internal grid accuracy, and probe retraction accuracy. When scanning towards the top of the phantom, a partial grid of wires appears. These wires should line up with the grid that appears on your screen thus ensuring correct vertical and horizontal distance measurements.

Five cross wires are embedded within the Model 045 phantom to determine if the probe is being retracted the specified distance. Turn the probe 60º to the right or left to visualize and measure the volume of three different calibrated objects, one of which is non-spherical.

Phantom Benefits:
  • Internal grid assessment
  • Probe retraction step assessment
  • Volume verification


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