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Room Lasers : Gemini Patient Alignment Lasers

Gemini Patient Alignment Lasers GEMINI Extended SSD

The new Gemini laser uses three diodes to project two iscoenters. One isocenter at 100 SSD and another at 130 SSD. The Gemini laser was designed to improve setups for patients with Hodgkins disease where standard SSD treatments are routine. Shortly thereafter, additional benefits to adding a lower pair of lateral lasers were recognized:
  • Therapists are afforded a better perspective of the patient's overall alignment when viewed from above and from the side
  • Therapists have improved leverage to maneuver the patient into the correct position, reducing the potential for back strain
  • Patient comfort is also enhanced, as patients are not in the extreme elevated position, while being maneuvered into position by the therapists
  • Making the triangulation process safer and easier can only improve accuracy and speed of setups

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