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Patient Dose Verification System : ISORAD-3 ™



Cylindrical Diode Detector

The ISORAD-3 ™ is the only available cylindrical diode detector. The ISORAD-3 ™ cylindrical design allows it to have nearly zero angular dependence along the axial axis, this makes it an ideal choice for tangential treatment cases where it is difficult to predict angle of incidence. ISORAD-3 ™ is available in three photon energy ranges. Each energy range uses a different buildup material designed to give a reading at dmax, therefore, no additional buildup is required. ISORAD-3 ™ reproducibility error is ≤ 1% for measurements > 1 cGy.


ISORAD-3 ™ diode detectors can be used in any situation where a surface mounted diode is needed to verify patient dose.

ISORAD-3 ™ diode detectors are particularly useful for tangential treatments where the angle of incidence is difficult or impossible to predict.

ISORAD-3 ™ diode detectors can be used in conjunction with some solid phantoms and the IVD ™ to verify complex treatment plans.

Energy Ranges - Choosing the Right ISORAD-3 ™

ISORAD-3 ™ detectors are offered in three photon energy ranges. A single energy compensated detector is also offered.

  1. P/N 1162000-0     1-4 MV
  2. P/N 1163000-0     6-12 MV
  3. P/N 1164000-0     15-25 MV
The ISORAD-3 ™ offers exceptional accuracy.

When tested in air or in a cylindrical phantom for all the beams:

  • Variation in Axial response is only +/- 0.5% from 0º ~ 360º

When tested on top of 6 cm of solid or virtual water:

  • Variation in Axial response is still only +/- 0.5% from -60º ~ 60º for 6 MV
  • Variation in Axial response is only +/- 1.0% from -60º ~ 60º for 18 MV

As with any diode, ISORAD-3 ™ sensitivity will gradually change over time. This rate of change will depend on the energies used and the frequency of use. For normal use, plan on re-calibration once per year.

Note that ISORAD-3 ™ life expectancy is not limited by radiation exposure. In fact, the more an ISORAD-3 ™ is used, the less its response characteristics will change. Life expectancy is an issue of proper handling and care. Broken coaxial connectors and cables are the most common cause of failure. When handled under normal stress loads, the ISORAD-3 ™ should be expected to last > 1,000,000 cGy.


ISORAD-3 ™ construction is an advanced third-generation design. Build-up consists of a material that is best suited for each energy range.

  • ISORAD-3 ™ is the only available diode with Cylindrical Symmetry
  • Angular corrections are not required<
  • Advanced n-type die design is accurate
  • Compatibility with any diode based dosimetry system
  • Very good reproducibility (≤ 1% for measurements >1 cGy)


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