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Electrometers : "UNIDOS E"


The lightweight and compact field class dosimeter UNIDOS E is ideally suited for routine measurements in diagnostic radiology. It measures dose, dose rate, dose length product, charge and current. The displayed units are Gy, Gy/min, R, R/min, C and A.

Unidos E can be used with a variety of ionization chambers and solid state detectors.


  • Economical high quality dosemeter for universal use in radiation and diagnostic radiology
  • Complies with the following standards:
    • IEC 60731 as a field class dosemeter
    • IEC 60731 as a reference class dosemeter (option)
    • IPEM guidelines on dosimetry transfer instruments as a secondary standard dosemeter (option)
    • IEC 61674 as a diagnostic dosemeter
  • High accuracy, excellent resolution (1 fA) and wide dynamic measuring ranges
  • HV power supply (0 ... +/- 400) V in increments of +/- 50V
  • Measures integrated dose (or charge) and dose rate (or current) simultaneously

  • Click Here to Download a Printable Information Sheet. (.PDF format)