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Patient Dose Verification System : MOSFET Autosense Dose - DISCONTINUED



Verification System with PC Software

This product has been discontinued. Please contact our office for another option.

The MOSFET AutoSense ® (model TN-RD-60) from Thomson Nielsen is the first patient dosimetry system developed specifically for advanced quality assurance on-line radiotherapy dosimetry applications such as IMRT, TBI and brachytherapy.

The AutoSense is compatible with all isotropic MOSFET dosimeters. Unlike the manually operated MOSFET 20 System, the AutoSense ® PCSoftware controls all functions via interactive software. When fully configured with the dosimeters in place, the operator remotely executes the measurements from a PC. The PC is on-line with the reader and dose information is obtained in real-time. The AutoSense ® is designed to simultaneously read up to 20 dosimeters.

Wireless Option (TN-RD-60-W): Using the latest in wireless technology, the AutoSense ® reader has 2-way communication with a transceiver that is connected to the PC. The reader can then be easily moved around the treatment room and can be used in more than one treatment room (with additional transceivers).

  • Minimize Physics QA time
  • Read up to 20 dosimeters on-line at one time
  • Wireless option enables mobility within treatment rooms
  • PCSoftware features calibration tools/export functions to Microsoft Excel & Nucletron's VISIR /final dose reports for patient files
  • LAN options also available.

  • Option 1

    For up to 20 MOSFETS on-line MOSFET AutoSense (Model TN-RD-60)

    Option 2

    For up to 10 MOSFETS on-line MOSFET AutoSense 10 (Model TN-RD-60-10)

    This product has been discontinued. Please contact our office for another option.