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Patient Dose Verification System : In-vivo Semi-Conductors

In-vivo Semi-Conductors In-vivo Semi-Conductors

The PTW semiconductor probes for in-vivo dosimetry are fixed to the patient's body to measure the patient skin, entrance or exit dose during external radiation treatments. Up to twelve detectors can be connected to the detector con-nection box and read simultaneously by a VIVODOS or MULTIDOS multi channel dosemeter.

VIVODOS E accepts up to four detectors to be connected directly to the rear panel. Three different detector types with integrated build-up caps for photon energies from Co-60 to 25 MV and one type for electron measurements are available. The detectors do not require a bias voltage. They have a connection cable of 3 m or 4 m length with BNC connector. In-vivo dosimetry during total body irradiation (TBI) makes it possible to calculate the midline dose, which is needed for correct treatment.

  • Measure patient dose during external radiotherapy
  • Suitable for any irradiation technique including TBI
  • Four types for different beam qualities are available
  • Comply with safety standard IEC 60601-2-9

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