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3-D Water Phantom Dosimetry : LA48 Array

LA48 Array LA48

The PTW LA48 linear chamber array is designed specially for fast, accurate and reliable dynamic field dosimetry measurements of virtual wedges and multileaf collimators. It incorporates the latest development in fluid-filled ion chamber technology into an advanced ion chamber array. The combination of speed, accuracy and spatial resolution down to 1 mm featured by the LA48 is simply not possible with other systems.

The array has a measuring length of 37 cm and contains 47 fluid-filled 8 mm3 ion chambers, each 4 mm x 4 mm x 0.5 mm, spaced 8 mm on center. The LA48 array is used in conjunction with a MULTIDOS multi channel dosemeter and an ME48 extender. A MEPHYSTO software module to control the measurement, store the data and evaluate the results is included. For measurements in water, the LA48 is mounted to an MP3 or MP3-S phantom tank. By using the appropriate holding devices, the LA48 may also be used as an air scanner, either gantry-mounted or on table-tops.

  • Suitable for IMRT and dynamic field measurements
  • The latest development in fluid-filled ion chamber technology
  • Includes small volume ion chambers with high spatial resolution
  • Records the data of a complete profile within 1 s

  • Click Here to Download a Printable Information Sheet. (.PDF format)