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Chambers : Markus® Chamber

Markus® Chamber

Markus® Chamber, 0.055 cm3

Type 23343

The Markus® chamber from PTW is the well-known electron chamber with widespread use throughout the world. Developed by Prof. Markus at Göttingen University, Germany, it was the first high-performance ionization chamber for precise dose measurements of high-energy electron beams in radiation therapy. Its small sensitive volume and its waterproof construction make this chamber suitable for dose distribution measurements in a water phantom.

It also can be used in solid state phantoms. The nominal useful electron energy range is from 2 MeV to 45 MeV. The membrane material is polyethylene of 0.03 mm thickness. The guard ring borders the measuring volume. The Markus® chamber comes with a protective acrylic cover of 0.87 mm thickness (1 mm water equivalence) for use in water. A calibration certificate with a Co-60 calibration factor given in absorbed dose to water is included. Air density correction is required for each measurement. A radioactive check device is available as an option. The chamber cable length is 1.05 m.

  • Plane-parallel chamber for high-energy electron measurements in water and solid state phantoms
  • Vented sensitive volume of 0.055 cm3
  • Commonly used electron chamber in the world
  • Very thin entrance window for use in solid state phantoms
  • The chamber is waterproof when used with protective cap

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