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Patient Dose Verification System : Veridose

Veridose Introduction
Our innovation and leading-edge technology combines the powerful performance capabilities of patient dose monitoring and linear accelerator quality control into one compact, easy-to-use product. We give you this powerful combination of technology and versatility for a lowerprice than you would expect to pay for one unit alone.


Use VeriDose PDMQC as a patient dose monitor and hwen needed, just simly plug in the VeriDose QC Module and VeriDose PDMQC is transformed inot a precision linear accelerattor quality control device.

Two radiation oncology products in one:
  • It's a linear accelerator quality control device (it measures beam constancy, which includes flatness and symmetry).
  • It's a five-channel patient dose monitoring system that records patient dose verification data from actual radiation measurements made on the patient during treatment.
  • Features
  • Measurements and updates are provided in real time, accurate to within 1% or better
  • Automatically adjusts the proper offset voltage for each detector, resulting in up to ten times less drift than other products
  • Time-Savings:
  • VeriDose PDMQC stores up to 25 separate calibration sets. A calibration set can be created for up to 5 diodes at a time. As a result, the frequency of calibrations you do is significantly reduced. Setup time and error potential are also dramatically reduced, leaving more time for patient treatment.
  • Documentation:
  • When interfaced with a standard printer, you can print:
    1. Patient treatment dose reports
    2. Date and time of procedure
    3. Diode detector group and serial number
  • In vivo measurements with VeriDose PDMQC as a patient dose monitor are reimbursable under CPT-4 Section 77331 Special Dosimetry

  • Click Here to Download a Printable Information Sheet. (.pdf format)