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IMRT QA Equipment : PinPoint® Chambers

PinPoint® Chambers

PinPoint® Chambers, 0.015 cm3, 0.03cm3, 0.016cm3

Type 31014, 31015, 31016

The waterproof PinPoint® Chambers have been specially designed for dose distribution measurements in a motorized water phantom for characterization of LINAC radiation fields where superior spatial resolution is desired. The PinPoint chambers are ideally suited for measurements of high-energy photon beams with a field size from 2 x 2 cm3 to 30 x 30 cm3.

PinPoint® Chamber 31014 features a measuring volume with only 2 mm diameter.

PinPoint® Chamber 31015 is a "longer" version of type 31014, featuring the same diameter but twice the measuring volume.

PinPoint® 3D Chamber Model 31016 has a measuring volume with 2.9 mm diameter but shows a flat angular response, since the measuring volume is approximately spherical.

The sensitive volumes are vented. The wall materials are graphite with protective acrylic covers. All chambers are fully guarded up to the measuring volume. The nominal energy range is Co-60 up to 50 MV photons. The chambers have a short stem for mounting and a flexible connection cable. They can be supplied with different connector types.

  • High-resolution versions 31014 and 31015 with sensitive volumes of 0.015 cm3 and 0.03 cm3, respectively
  • 3D version 31016 for spherical angular response
  • Suitable for dose scanning in radiotherapy photon beams with a superior spatial resolution
  • Suitable for use in water

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