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IMRT QA Equipment : IMRT Head & Torso Phantom

IMRT Head & Torso Phantom IMRT Head & Torso Freepoint Phantom

Complete QA from CT imaging to dose verification

Model 002H9K

CIRS offers a variety of IMRT phantoms to match the most common IMRT treatment areas such as prostate, head and neck, breast and lung.

All CIRS IMRT Phantoms are manufactured from proprietary materials that faithfully mimic water, bone and lung within 1% from 50 keV to 25 MeV. These unique materials eliminate the need for correction factors, thus improving accuracy and saving time. The phantoms simulate the patient through the entire process from CT data acquisition and planning to delivery and dose verification.

The new Model H9K was designed in collaboration with David D. Loshek PhD. With the H9K, choose any point dose location within a circular area with diameter of 11.2 cm by simply adjusting the two rotating cylinders. Lung and bone equivalent rods can be positioned at any location within the circular area for assessment of heterogeneity correction. Remove the center cylinder from the phantom body to simulate head and neck set-ups.

  • Ionization chambers, TLD, MOSFET and Diodes easily positioned using interchangeable rods
  • Choose any point dose location by rotating the cylinders
  • Use radiographic film dosimetry1 - Ready Pack ® and/or GafChromic ® film
  • Close placement of detectors to film improves film calibration
  • CT - film markers ensure accurate film to plan registration
  • Surfaces are etched with indices for precise alignment
  • Configure with or without heterogeneities

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