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CT Electron Density Phantom : Electron Density Phantom

Electron Density Phantom

Electron Density Phantom from CIRS - Model 062

For Use in CT Treatment Planning

The accuracy of Radiation Oncology Treatment planning systems is heavily dependent upon precise CT analysis of the patient anatomy which is to be irradiated.

Physicists performing Treatment planning need accurate tools to evaluate CT scan data, correct for inhomogeneities, and to document the relationship between CT number and tissue electron density.

The CIRS Model 062 was designed and developed specifically to meet this requirement.


Phantom Benefits
  • Can be configured to simulate head or abdomen
  • Manufactured from durable epoxy
  • Tissue-equivalent plugs can be positioned at 17 different locations within the scan field
  • Special marker plugs enable quick assessment of distance registration
  • All material accurately simulate indicated tissue within the diagnostic energy range
  • Includes a rugged carrying case

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