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Patient Dose Verification System : MOSFET 20 Dose Verification - DISCONTINUED

MOSFET 20 Dose Verification - DISCONTINUED

The MOSFET 20 Patient Dose Verification System (TN-RD-51) has been discontinued.

Please refer to the mobileMOSFET


MOSFET 20 Applications
  • In-vivo
  • Brachytherapy
  • IMRT
  • Radiosurgery
  • TBI
  • IORT
  • Diagnostic X-ray

It is a high-performance, cost effective dosimetry system. It combines pinpoint accuracy with the convenience of instant readout. One system can serve up to 4 LINACs. Alternatively, you can place up to 20 dosimeters on one patient at a time. The standard system includes a self-contained reader, an external bias supply with five dosimeter ports, a power adapter, five MOSFET dosimeters, and the TABULATM Dose Reporter Software.

The MOSFET Dosimeter
  • One dosimeter/ calibration factor for all photon & electron modalities
  • Isotropic ( ±2% for 360o)
  • Active region of 0.2 x 0.2 mm
  • Standard MOSFET is 2mm wide
  • microMOSFET is 1mm wide
  • Permits pinpoint measurement without patient shielding
  • Dose-rate and temperature independent
  • Unobtrusive in procedures
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Multiple dosimeter capability with one Reader

TABULA Dose Reporter Software PLAN, EXECUTE, and RECORD patient dose measurement in one operation.
  • Designate, from a library of diagrams, sites for placement of dosimeters
  • Import your own diagrams or photos in various formats (e.g. jpeg files)
  • Define up to 20 MOSFET sites, for one to four patients
  • Print diagram(s) for reference during procedure
  • Send dose data directly to your PC via an RS 232 link
  • Obtain a full report on actual dose vs. deviation from target

  • Vacuum fluorescent display
  • Direct readout in user-selected units (cGy, mV, R)
  • Resolution of one unit up to a total accumulated dose of 20,000 mV
  • Battery backup retains calibration factors and time/date settings after power down
  • Stores up to 20 operator entered calibration factors
  • Readings automatically scaled
  • Internal clock stores time and date with battery backup

Under Full Build-up
  • 1 mV/cGy on standard bias
  • 2.7 mV/cGy on high sensitivity bias
  • Higher sensitivities available Under X-ray Energies
  • 9 mV/R on high sensitivity bias