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IMRT QA Equipment : Head/Neck IMRT Verification Phantoms

Head/Neck IMRT Verification Phantoms Type 40014, 40015

The PTW IMRT Head/Neck Phantom model T40015 (on the right) is a 20 cm high cylinder with a diameter of 20 cm composed of 1 cm thick plates of water-equivalent RW3 material. Individually packed films can be placed between the plates. Five holes in the plates make it possible to mark a coordinate system on the films using a needle. Ion chamber data can be taken using a hole along the axis of the cylinder.

The LA 48 IMRT Head phantom model 40014 (on the left) consists of an acrylic cylinder, 22 cm in height and 20 cm in diameter, which accomodates the LA 48 linear array. This combination makes it possible to measure the IMRT dose profile in the axis of the cylindrical phantom, which can be attached to the stereotactic system and to the treatment couch. Both phantoms were designed by Bernhard Rhein from the German Cancer Research Center DKFZ Heidelberg, Germany.

  • Enable the user to verify stereotactic treatment plans
  • Two models are available:
  • RW3 Head/Neck phantom for radiographic films and ion chambers
  • Acrylic head phantom for the LA 48 linear array
  • Can be attached to the stereotactic system and the couch IMRT Verification Phantoms

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