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Personal Dosimeters : Model 36 Personal Dosimeter

Model 36 Personal Dosimeter The Model L36 Personal Electronic Dosimeter is designed for professionals as well as general public. It is reliable, accurate, lightweight, rugged and easy to use. It can be used in home and office.

It is an ideal device for doctors, nurses, radiologists, radiological technicians, pilots, flight attendants, airport workers, luggage handlers, security checkpoint guards, truck drivers, courier services, package carriers, nuclear power plant workers, polices, fire fighters, goverment agents and the general public.

Model L36 Specifications (mrem version)

Detector: Energy-compensated solid-state Si-detector
Radiation: X and Gamma radiation; 20 KeV to 6.2 MeV
Accuracy: ± 10% for Cs-137
Display: 3-digit LCD auto-ranging display
Display mode: Dose and dose rate alternating
Dose Display Range: 0 mrem to 999 mrem; 1 mrem increment
Dose Rate Display Range: 0 mrem/hr to 999 rem/hr; 1 mrem/hr increment
Warning Indications: Visible red LED & audible alarm 85dBA@10 cm
Alarm Settings
Factory Alarm Settings
Dose Alarm: 25 mrem
Dose Rate Alarm: 10 mrem/hr
Custom Settings
Dose Alarm 1 mrem to 999 rem; 1 mrem increment
Dose Rate Alarm 1 mrem/hr to 999 rem/hr; 1 mrem/hr increment
Battery: 1.5 volts AA size alkaline battery
Battery Life: (Approx.) 500 hours. Low battery Indicated on LCD display
Environmental: Relative humidity; up to 95%. Operating temperature; -20°C to 50°C
Detector Location: External marking on the side and back
Packaging: High-impact plastic
Size: (Approx.) 48 mm x 70 mm x 17 mm
Weight: (Approx.) 77 grams (including battery)

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