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Room Lasers : Exact-Align HeNe Alignment Lasers

Exact-Align HeNe Alignment Lasers

Exact-Align HeNe Lasers

No-Drift Patient Positioning

Red HeNe Lasers

Green HeNe Lasers

Gammex 1A475 Crosshair Gammex 1A618 Sagittal
Gammex 1A480 Crosshair Gammex 1A619 Sagittal

The GAMMEX Exact-Align HeNe Lasers are the standard for patient positioning. The red turret style lasers project at 628.8 nm laser light which is highly visible in normal lighting conditions. The turret design allows for a line angulation capability of ± 45 degrees which means that the lasers can be mounted at an angle to the patient couch if necessary without requiring angle brackets. This direct wall mounting provides greater stability of the laser. The optical adjustments are easily accessible behind a secondary cover.

Pin-point Accuracy
  • There is virtually no drift in this unit
  • At ten feet, the line is less than 1 mm

GAMMEX Green Exact-Align HeNe lasers project at 543.5 nm laser light which is visible on any skin tone. The high quality fine line of the green lasers also proves useful in situations such as stereotactic radiosurgery where precision positioning is critical. The green lines projected are " absorbed"  into the skin which minimizes the "spattering" effect thereby maintaining the thinnest line possible.

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