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Room Lasers : PROBE Alignment Lasers

PROBE Alignment Lasers PROBE Alignment Lasers
GLD 200 Sagittal
GLD 400 Crosshair

The PROBE diode laser offers an alternative technology to the standard HeNe lasers. The PROBE meets all the specifications of the Exact-Align turret laser. This means that all of the existing features of the turret laser are now available in a compact size. Most of the diode products currently used for patient alignment are in the 670 to 650 nm range. The GAMMEX PROBE diode laser utilizes a 635 nm diode. Because of this, the line is perceived as four times as bright as 670 nm and two times as bright as 650 nm. The 635 nm yields essentially the same brightness that you obtain with our helium-neon systems.

The PROBE offers variable intensity control that allows you to adjust the laser brightness to the room lighting conditions. It also has the same width base plate as the Exact-Align laser so it can be retrofitted to existing turret installations with no modifications. The PROBE diode laser is provided with a 110 VAC to VDC power supply.

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