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Room Lasers : PROBE G Diode Lasers

PROBE G Diode Lasers

PROBE G Diode Lasers

GLD 300 Sagittal, GLD 500 Crosshair

PROBE G is designed to ensure precise patient positioning during radiation therapy.

The green laser lines are easily visible on any skin tone. Projected green light is "absorbed" thereby minimizing line diffusion while maintaining crisp lines. PROBE G lasers have less than 0.8 mm line width projected at a distance of three meters. This high quality fine line is very useful in therapeutic applications where precision positioning is critical.

Unique Design

The PROBE G laser's unique mechanical design eliminates the need for tools and makes it easy to use and maintain. All fine laser focus controls are performed by simply raising the hinged cover making the desired adjustment. No visible drift is seen with the laser lines after initial adjustment.

The laser case is shielded to reduce radiation exposure to the diode and incorporates novel power stabilizing circuitry to extend diode life.

Backward Compatible

PROBE G optics and fastening holes match Probe, Probe+ and Gammex HeNe lasers to allow retrofit mounting. This makes upgrades and changes simple and easy to accomplish.

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