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Room Lasers : PROBE+ Diode Alignment Lasers

PROBE+ Diode Alignment Lasers

PROBE+ Alignment Lasers

GLD 250 Sagittal, GLD 450 Crosshair

The PROBE+ Diode Laser has less than 0.5 mm line width projected at a distance of 2 meters. Complete documentation on laser beam profile is included with each PROBE+ Diode Laser Alignment System. Due to the unique and proprietary thermal design, the PROBE+ series of diode laser alignment systems has no visible "drift". Vertical and horizontal adjustments (coarse and fine) allow for angular and planar movement making the PROBE+ Diode Laser Alignment System easy to install. The PROBE+ Diode Laser features a new versatile turret optical design that allows for 160º turret rotation. The turret design allows mounting of the PROBE+ almost anywhere, eliminating the need for additional wall brackets or special mounting procedures that may increase "drift".

The PROBE+ uses 635 nm wave length laser light and built in controls to vary light intensity. By using a 635 nm wave length, the light appears more than four times as visible at the same light intensity than 670 nm diode lasers and twice as visible as 650 nm laser light. Variable light intensity feature allows you change the laser light brightness to match your needs and ambient lighting conditions of the room by a simple internal adjustment.

The PROBE+ also has a comtemporary appearance and is smaller in size and lighter in weight than the traditional GAMMEX HeNe wall-mounted units. Mounting holes and width dimensions are identical to the Exact-Align model of Gammex lasers, which allow easy conversion to diode laser alignment.

The standard PROBE+ utilizes an external power supply adaptable for international use. PROBE+ is easy to repair and maintain. A unitized diode/focusing lens assembly can be quickly and easily replaced in the field.

  • Versatile Turret Optical Design
  • Complete Documentation Included
  • Sleek Appearance, Lightweight Handling
  • 635 nm Wave-Length Laser Light for Greater Visibility
  • Easy Installation Mounting

Click Here to Download a Printable Information Sheet. (.pdf format)