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Radiation Simulation-Training : Simulated Radiation Probe Paks

Simulated Radiation Probe Paks SP418 Series
Simulated Radiation Probe Paks

Why a Simulator?

For pure reactionary training, that's why. Say that you want to train personnel to operate a meter without exposing them to radiation of any kind and you have existing meter inventory that you can use for this training and you want to add simulation capability to them.

We have the answer: our first simulator designed specifically for interfacing to real meters that have external probes. We can make them operate as if they were exposed to radiation.

Perfect for:
  • Teaching frisking techniques
  • HAZMAT training
  • General employee training
  • RadWorker training
  • First responder training

  • GO...NO-GO
    The simulated probe paks are still radio remote controlled but in a manner that differs from our standard simulated meters. Shown below is the remote controller, small in size with 8 pushbuttons, each directing a certain action at the simulated probe pak. As an example, these actions may:
    • Direct the probe pak to generate preset rad readings for 1 and 2 mR/h line setup
    • Generate background readings
    • Generate excessive readings
    These actions are "" functions and are designed for particular training needs: when a situation requires action based on particular meter readings. Remote controllers come in various standard configurations and can operate multiple simulated probe paks simultaneously in a common area, making them perfect for the classroom too.

    A unique product and the first of its kind in any industry, our simulated probe paks offer the ability to produce simulated radiation readings on your actual radiation meters without the use of sources.

    Bring your personnel to the forefront of preparedness: let them train like they work. Our probe paks are designed to interface with many popular manufacturer's radiation meters.

    Features include:
    • 1" x 4" cylindrical tube with connectors on each end, placed directly inline between a probe and coax cable
    • Solid, durable garolite plastic case
    • Compact size makes it unobtrusive to normal operations
    • Travels with the probe that it is designed for within a manufacturer's product line
    • Proprietary radioactive decay rate count generation algorithm makes the generated readings realistic
    • "Smart" versions available in the future

    Click Here to Download a Printable Information Sheet. (.pdf format)