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Test Phantoms : CIRS CT Dose Phantom

CIRS CT Dose Phantom

CIRS CT Dose Phantom

Designed for FDA performance Standard

  • Usable on all CT scanners
  • Head and abdominal configurations included
  • Made from acrylic with a density of 1.19 grams/cc
  • Includes 10 PMMA plugs
  • 1.31 cm inside hole diameter sized for standard CT Dose probes
  • Rugged foam lined carrying case included

The CIRS CT Dose Phantom is manufactured to comply with the Food and Drug Administration's performance standard for diagnostic x-ray systems, which includes Computed Tomography Systems. (21 CFR 1023.33).

Each phantom consists of two 14 cm thick solid PMMA disks measuring 16 cm (head) and 32 cm (body) in diameter.

There are a total of nine through holes with acrylic rods to plug the holes when not in use. Through holes are 1.31 cm in diameter to accommodate standard CT probes.

The disks have five through-holes with an inside diameter of 1.31 cm to accommodate standard CT dose probes and five acrylic rods to plug the holes not in use. One hole is at center and four are around the perimeter, 90º apart and 1 cm from hole center to the outside edge of the phantom.

The phantom includes large ergonomic handles for ease of use. The head and body along with the ten acrylic plugs are packaged in a extremely rugged foam lined carrying case.

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