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Radiation Survey Meters : Model 42-41 PRESCILA Probe

Model 42-41 PRESCILA Probe The PRESCILA Neutron Detector uses multiple internal scintillators to respond to a wide range of neutron energies. Overall response is approximately similar to the standard remball, but without the weight and shipping.

Indicated Use:Neutron Survey detector; PRESCILA Proton Recoil Scintillator
Sensitivity: Approximately 350 cpm per mrem/h
Neutron Energy Response: Thermal to 100 MeV
Angular Dependence: Within 15% over wide range of energies
Gamma Rejection: Approx. 500 cpm at 100mR/h (Cs-137)
Suggested Instruments: Ludlum Models 12, 2363, 2241series and 2350-1
Operating Voltage: Typically 500 - 700 volts
Connector: Series "C" (others available on request)
Construction: Aluminum housing with black powdercoat finish
Size: 10.125" (25.7 cm) H x 4.25" (10.80 cm) W x 4.25" (10.80 cm) L
Weight: 4.46 lbs.

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