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3-D Water Phantom Dosimetry : PTW MEPHYSTO mc2



Software for therapy beam data acquisition and data analysis in radiation therapy

The Medical Physics Control Center MEPHYSTO mc2 is the most advanced, comprehensive and self explaining user-interface for TBA control and data evaluation. Specific dosimetry tasks are implemented with an optimized workflow in modules. Beam data acquisition requires less parameter input due to a pre-selection of the scanning device in the Control Center.

  • Customizable Control Center allows the integration of any software application
  • Evaluates beam data according to international protocols
  • Suitable for absolute dosimetry/TPR measurements
  • Suitable for measurements with single chambers and arrays
  • Evaluates films including film calibration and scanning
  • Verifies MLC leaf position with linear array
  • Ensures simple navigation due to graphical user guidance
  • Allows fast TPS measurements with a drag and drop TaskList
  • Supports electrometer auto range
  • Supports conversion and data transfer to all established TPS
  • Supports conversion of electron ionization curves to depth dose curves
  • Stores mc2 ASCII file format with measuring information and curve data
  • Supports print preview in html files
Function Groups:

The function groups "Analysis", "Quality Control", "Absolute Dosimetry", "Formatting", "Calibration" and "Tools" contain modules to anlayze or modify data or to control hardware. Any link can be stored in the function group "Favorites".

Measurements can be stopped and resumed at every time.
Integrated Functions:

With the integrated functions "Analyze" and "Process" the data can be immediately analyzed according to international dosimetry protocols after measurement and processed without changing the module.


MEPHYSTO mc2 has an integrated TaskList, which allows a fast input of complex TPS measurements. Multiple energies, wedges, applicators, blocks, field sizes, SSDs and depths in any combinations can be copied into the TaskList with a few mouse clicks.

PTW MEPHYSTO mc2 - Printable Information Sheet(.PDF format)