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IMRT QA Equipment : OCTAVIUS Octagonal Phantom

OCTAVIUS Octagonal Phantom Enhances the 2D-ARRAY seven29 to a measuring system for Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy (IMAT)

* Suitable for all dynamic techniques
* Time saving IMAT treatment plan verification
* Signal independent of beam direction due to most advanced ion chamber design
* One single measurement for entire IMAT plan verification
* Calibrated for absolute dose measurement, no frequent recalibration
* Data analysis with VeriSoft software1

OCTAVIUS enhances the 2D-ARRAY seven29 to a state-of-the-art measuring system for all dynamic IMRT technologies such as IMAT or tomotherapy. A CT scan of the phantom including the array must be imported into the TPS software. The TPS software recalculates the patient plan for the phantom geometry and exports the dose calculation for the layer of the array.

The phantom can be treated from all directions, exactly in the same way as a patient. VeriSoft software compares the data from the TPS with the measured data from the array. VeriSoft offers comprehensive software functions such as a Gamma Index algorithm for data analysis. The 2D-ARRAY seven29 features 27 x 27 dose points in a plane inside the phantom. Due to the cutting-edge ionization chamber design, the array can be treated from different gantry angles without angular signal dependence as known from diodes. With OCTAVIUS, IMAT plan verification does not need more time than standard IMRT plan verification with the 2D-ARRAY seven29.

1The comparison depends on the dose calculation algorithm of the TPS Monte Carlo based algorithms (e.g. AAA) give very good results.

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