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Test Patterns-Accessories : Unfors Light-O-Meter P11s - DISCONTINUED

Unfors Light-O-Meter P11s - DISCONTINUED

Recommended Replacement: Unfors LUXI

For monitors and film viewing boxes

Simultaneous measurement of:
Luminance (cd/m2)
Illuminance (lux)
Ratio (lum./illum.)

Unfors Ligth-O-Meter P11s is a perfectly simple, multifunciton pocket sized instrument for Quality Assurance of image workstation monitors, image intensifier monitors, film viewing boxes, ambient light, collimator light field, etc in radiology departments.

A microprocessor controlled detector for illuminance is mounted in the durable housing while the luminance detector is mounted on a cable. The multi-channel design enables simultaneous measurements of luminance (ce/ m2), illuminance (lux) and the ratio thereof. Simply touch the Parameter button to scroll between the readings. The Unfors Light-O-Meter P11s is autoranging and has a builtin zero adjustment for maximum ease of use. With the unique ratio (lum./illum.) paratmeter, the user can determine a relative number, ideal for monitor adjustment in specific lighting environments.

This item has been DISCONTINUED. Please call/email your LACO representative for the Unfors LUXI as the recommended replacement.

Click Here to Download a Printable Information Sheet. (.PDF format)