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Linac Daily Output QA Devices : Sun Nuclear Daily QA 3 ™ Daily QA Accelerated

Sun Nuclear Daily QA 3 ™ Daily QA Accelerated

Daily QA 3 - QA Accelerated

An Advanced Tool for Daily Quality Assurance of a Radiation Therapy Beam.

Daily QA 3 Hardware

Daily QA 3 has 25 detectors and uses both ion chambers and diode detectors to optimize measurement results:

  • Twelve diodes with an active detection area of only 0.64 mm2 measure light: Radiation field coincidence for a 20 x 20 cm file at 100 cm SSD
  • Five 0.6 cm3 ion chambers measure output, flatness, axial symmetry, and transverse symmetry. All chambers are vented, and temperature pressure is automatically measured by the instrument and applied to the readings.
  • Four ion chambers with inherent buildup measure electron energy. Each chamber has a different amount of attenuation built into the top plate. No flipping or additional buildup is required.
  • Four ion chambers measure photon energy. Uniquely "curved" ion chambers were chosen for this test to minimize beam edge measurement area. Streamline energy measurement does not require changing buildup between energies or flipping the device.
Daily QA 3 Software

The instrument operates with Windows application software which runs on the user's computer. Data collected and the results are stored in an advanced user-editable database for real-time trending and is accessible via the network. Daily use is extremely simple, yet sophisticated analysis options are available with the click of a mouse.

Customized User Interface

Daily QA 3 software allows the Physicist to define their own unique QA requirements. The highly versatile system results in a "scheme tree", which is a list of machines and tests scheduled for the selected date. Once the scheme tree is set up in the software, daily measurements are automated and involve 3 simple steps.

Accepting Results

At the end of each measurement a status bar will turn either green or red indicating if the test passed or failed.

Trend Analysis Database

The database provides a graphical presentation of measured and calculated data for each template as a function of time. Graphing the parameters gives the user a means to visualize trends emerging in the beam output.


Daily QA 3 reports can span any defined time-frame and are suitable for presentation.

Click Here to Download a Printable Information Sheet (PDF Format)