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Patient Dose Verification System : Dual-Diode Dosimeter Patient Dose Monitor

Dual-Diode Dosimeter Patient Dose Monitor

Dual-Diode Dosimeter Patient Dose Monitor

MODEL 37-720

  • Provides instant patient data on radiation exposure to sensitive organs and rapid checks of equipment output
  • Prevents the potential for mis-administration
  • Battery operated
  • Prevents the potential for misadministration
  • Provides instantaneous readings on the radiation dose being delivered to the patient
  • Can qualify a facility for reimbursement under CPT-4 Section 77331 Special Dosimetry
  • Is economical, highly accurate, and an essential instrument for today's busy facilities
  • Designed for use with positive polarity diodes only

Excessive radiation exposure (mis-administration) to the patient is always a matter of concern in radiation therapy. The Dual-Diode Dosimeter eliminates this concern by providing a dosimetry system specifically designed to verify the amount of radiation received by the patient during treatment.


Measurements are presented on a large digital display with a range of 0 to 2000 Rad or Rad/minute. The electrometer accepts either one or two diode detectors, which are selected using a front-panel switch. Calibration and zero adjustments, as well as dose or dose rate selection, are all readily accessible on the front panel. While the Dual-Diode Dosimeter is not intended as a primary calibration device, it can also be used to accurately determine therapy machine output.

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