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Multi Function Meters : Dual-Range Digital mAs Meter

Dual-Range Digital mAs Meter Dual-Range Digital mAs Meter
Model 07-487

  • Accurately measure x-ray generator mAs values
  • Meets today's QC needs for accuracy and dependability
  • Used for calibration of high current and phototimer accuracy
  • Calibrated directly in mAs; no calculations required
  • Hand-held, battery operated, and lightweight
The Model 07-487 Dual-Range Digital mAs Meter allows service personnel to check and adjust the mA settings of x-ray generators. This easy-to-use instrument is calibrated directly in mAs, thus eliminating the need for the calculations typically required with more complicated and expensive equipment. The digital mAs meter is very sensitive. It can measure increments of 0.1 mAs. It has a low range of 0 to 199.9 mAs; push a button and the range expands to 0 to 1999 mAs.

The greatest use for the Model 07-487 mAs meter is in calibrating the high-current, shorttime station where a conventional mAs meter is precluded by tube ratings. The instrument can be used (after verifying the generator accuracy) to set all mA stations and check that phototiming error does not exceed the limits of good practice. To use, simply connect the cable to the x-ray generator and make the required exposure. The mAs reading appears instantaneously on the four-digit LCD. A display indicator warns of the need for battery replacement.

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