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Test Patterns-Accessories : RaySafe Luxi - DISCONTINUED



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RaySafe Luxi
Convenient Precision

* Luminance and illuminance
* Fulfills DIN 5032 Class B
* Excellent Photopic Response

The RaySafe LUXI detector can be used for Quality Assurance of image workstation monitors (LCD and CRT), image intensifier monitors, film view boxes, ambient light, collimator light field,
etc. in radiology departments.

The RaySafe LUXI detector is capable of measuring illuminance with a perfect cosine match for ambient light (0.05 - 50,000 lux). Contact luminance measurements can be performed on CRT and LCD monitors as well as view boxes in the range 0.05 - 50,000 cd/m2. Luminance or illuminance measurements are easily selected by either attaching or detaching the optical tube to the detector housing. Data can be stored in the internal memory or exported to RaySafe Xi View via serial or Bluetooth communication.

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