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IMRT QA Equipment : LifeLine Software Inc. RADCALC

LifeLine Software Inc. RADCALC

LifeLine Software - RadCalc

Automated, Complete MU Verification Software

Fast, Easy and Accurate MU Verification
More Radiation Therapy Centers Trust RadCalc Than All Other MU Verification Softwares Combined
RadCalc Base Program:

The RadCalc base software program performs independent MU or point dose verification calculations for conventional 2D and 3D treatment plans including Electron, Photon, MLC, 3D Off Axis, Diode and Wedge support. Additional functionality is available by purchasing the RTP Import, V&R Export, and IMRT Utilities.

RTP Import:

The entire plan file can be imported from Radiation Therapy Planning systems or Virtual Simulation Software through DICOM RT or other proprietary interfaces. This reduces or eliminates manual data entry errors.

Verify & Record Export:

The Verify and Record (V&R) Export Utility exports data in a format that is readable by a V&R system.
(In order to import this exported data file into a Verify and Record system, a separate module must be available from the appropriate vendor.)

IMRT Treatment Plans:

The IMRT Utility provides the ability to verify MU or dose calculations for IMRT based treatment plans. RadCalc supports Step & Shoot and Sliding Window calculations with the ability to view MLC and fluence map patterns.

Studies have consistently shown the verification dose to be within ± 3% of the treatment plan dose. For improved accuracy of breast plan calculations, RadCalc allows you to draw the breast outline so that the loss of scatter due to missing tissue is taken into account.

RadCalc was developed by a board certified physicist to make the task of performing independent Monitor Unit validation calculations much Faster, Easier and More Accurate, and it is because RadCalc simplifies the task of generating accurate calculations quickly that it has become The Number One Trusted Software of its kind. Lifeline Software believes that RadCalc ® success is driven by their commitment to provide the most fully automated and complete verification software available while offering the finest customer and technical support possible.

Lifeline Software's vision to exceed customer's expectations is achieved by their dedication to continuous improvement.
HIPPA Compliant, Tamper Resistant:

In 2001 RadCalc became the first software program FDA 510(d) approved to perform independent monitor unit or point dose verification calculations for both conventional and IMRT treatment planning systems including Diode and Wedge support. Now it is the first software program of its kind to offer a full set of features that comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). These features help ensure that the information within RadCalc is protected from tampering through the use of multiple layers of security.

No Other MU Software Has Proven To Be More Accurate


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