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Neutron Detectors : Model 42-30H Neutron Detector

Model 42-30H Neutron Detector Ludlum Model 42-30H Neutron Detector

The Model 42-30H is a neutron detector designed for detection of thermal and fast neutrons. Typically used with a Model 375 Area Monitor.

The neutron “remball” detector has been the standard for measuring neutron fields for more than 50 years. Recently, the Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations have cracked down on the shipping of these detectors due to the poisonous nature of the BF3. The Model 42-30H eliminates this problem with the introduction of the 3He tube.

The differences and similarities between BF3 and 3HE tubes are:
Energy Response: There is no change in energy response which still follows the inverse- RPG curve.

Crosstalk: Gamma interference or “crosstalk” is the same for both the BF3 and 3He tubes. Crosstalk is less than 10 counts per minute at 10R/hr (137Cs).

High Voltage: Operating HV is normally about 1100 Vdc for the 3He tube, where the BF3 tube required about 1700 Vdc.

Count Rate: The 3He tube has approximately four times the count rate of the BF3 tube at a given neutron dose rate. This difference is mostly beneficial because it reduces statistical error.

Pressure: The 3He tubes have less than 2.7 atmospheres of pressure and are exempt from any shipping requirements.

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