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Barometers-Thermometers-Accessories : Handheld Digital Barometer & Altimeter

Handheld Digital Barometer & Altimeter

Handheld Digital Barometer & Altimeter

The Handheld Digital Barometer & Altimeter combines accurate pressure sensing with the power of microprocessor-based computations to provide instantaneous pressure and altitude readings. A combination of small size, digital display, versatility, and high accuracy make it ideal for field measurements or as a portable pressure reference.

Keypad controls provide access to the operating functions. Pressure or altitude may be displayed in a variety of units. The LCD display shows the data output and operating mode. Data logging mode stores up to 240 readings for future recall. The Handheld Digital unit is powered by four AA alkaline batteries (included) which provide approximately 100 hours of continuous use.

High Accuracy and Smart Sensitivity:

The Handheld Barometer instrument measures atmospheric pressure very accurately, to within 0.015" Hg. The 316 stainless steel pressure sensor has extremely low sensitivity to shock, vibration, acceleration, and changes in orientation or temperature, yet features high sensitivity to pressure variations. Each unit comes with a certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.

Handheld Digital Barometer - Printable Information Sheet (PDF format)