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3-D Water Phantom Dosimetry : PTW Therapy Beam Analyzers

PTW Therapy Beam Analyzers

Therapy Beam Analyzers

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More than 1000 PTW Therapy Beam Analyzers have already been delivered to users worldwide. They enjoy the precise, fast and reliable work with the automatic phantoms for data acquisition and analyses of therapeutic radiation beams. The measuring system from PTW represents the latest technology because the large PTW R&D department is developing the systems in a steady process. The basic detector positioning concept of step-by-step movement and the dose integration mode ensures optimum dosimetry quality. The very short integration time and the fast detector movement make the TBA system the fastest and most accurate remote controlled water phantoms on the market.

The TBA product family includes solutions for any therapy physics measurement task based on remote controlled beam scanning devices. The basic equipment contains one of five phantom tanks, affiliated tank adjustment and water reservoir equipment, a selection of suitable radiation detectors and the standard electronic equipment, consisting of the control unit, the control pendant and the TANDEM electrometer. Persons responsible of radiation therapy department can select the appropriate configuration to fulfill the requirements for high quality medical physics and for the best possible patient treatment. The system reliability and the modular design of the TBA systems keep after sales expenses low.

Water Phantom Tanks - Various sizes of motorized 3D, 2D and 1D water phantoms for automatic dose distribution measurement of radiation therapy beams. High-precision handy water tanks with 3D stainless steel moving mechanism with high speed stepper motors.

Therapy Detectors - Cylindrical and parallel plate ionization chambers as well as diode solidstate detectors for measuring high-energy photon, electron and heavy ion radiation as well as light beams. The variety of detectors covers all applications from absolute dosimetry to stereotactic dose distribution measurement with the highest quality.

MEPHYSTO mc2 Control Center - The most advanced, comprehensive and self-explaining user interface for TBA control and data evaluation.

TruFix Detector Positioning - Positions the effective point of measurement of different therapy detectors exactly to the water surface.

ScanLift Lifting/Reservoir Carriage - Electro-mechanical lifting carriage for the MP3- M and MP2 including water reservoir and pump. Features a control pendant for easy control of the lifting and pumping functions. It takes only five minutes to fill the MP3-M water tank.

And Much More. Call/email for details.

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