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IMRT QA Equipment : Sun Nuclear MapCHECK 2

Sun Nuclear MapCHECK 2


The worldwide leader in IMRT QA

The two-dimensional detector array for quick and precise verification of radiotherapy dose distributions.

MapCHECK2 is the worldwide leader in film-less IMRT QA. This is due to precision detectors which measure absolute pinpoint dose in steep gradients more accurately than ionization chambers, and with more reproducibility than film.

Combines with software known for ease-of-use and powerful analysis options

MapCHECK2 is the original gold standard for IMRT QA
Product Options:
  • MapCHECK2 can be used on the treatment couch or at the prescription angle using the Isocentric Mount Fixture.
  • MapPHAN is a water equivalent phantom that holds MapCHECK2 at isocenter for rotational dosimetry for both sagittal and coronal measurements.
  • EPIDose is an upgrade option that is a completely independent method of converting any EPID image to dose for analysis in the MapCHECK software.
  • MapCALC is an upgrade option that is an independent 2D dose and MU calculation solution that operates directly in the MapCHECK2 software.
  • The MotionSim XY/4D mimics patient specific respiratory traces for accurate and realistic gating QA and target motion QA.

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