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Linac Daily Output QA Devices : PROFILER 2

PROFILER 2 The PROFILER 2 is an entirely new design that builds upon the established success and acceptance of the original PROFILER. The PROFILER 2 provides quick and precise beam measurements of both X and Y axis simultaneously. The ability to quickly acquire precise beam scan information, without a water tank is the aim of the PROFILER 2.

About PROFILER 2 * 139 detectors configured in a 328mm Y-axis and a 224mm X-axis array
* Precision axial and sagittal data in a mere fraction of the time of film or water tanks
* Advanced PC software compares up to 10 profiles at a time
* Customizable and standard analysis options
* Microsoft Excel ® export enables users to make the most of the data they have acquired
* User calibrated every 1-2 years using a patented calibration method

Measure at Any Angle
Rotational measurements can be done at any gantry angle while keeping PROFILER 2 securely fixed at Isocenter. This is possible by using the Isocentric Mounting Fixture which allows for fast and precise QA testing of the MLC, Collimator, and Gantry shift effects. PROFILER 2 Applications
PROFILER 2 measures both photon and electron beams on therapy LINACs, as well as Cobalt.

* Output
* Symmetry
* Flatness
* Field Size
* Wedge Angle
* Penumbra
* Beam Center
* Beam tuning
* Dose/Pulse
* Dose rate
* Pulse/second
* Light: Radiation Coincidence

There are many suitable applications for the PROFILER 2. Applications include but are not limited to:
* Beam Constancy QA
* Beam steering and Diagnostics
* Electron Energy Measurement
* Collimator and Rotational Sag QA
* Flatness & Symmetry Measurements
* VW and EDW Measurement and Verification
* Beam Start-Up QA (Low MU field and Segment QA)
* Various IMRT & TomoTherapy QA Applications
* Treatment Plan QA (PROFILER 2 imports TPS data and compares it to measured data)
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