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Linac Daily Output QA Devices : IC PROFILER

IC PROFILER The IC PROFILER is a faster, more compact version of a 3D water scanner. Ionization chambers on X, Y, and diagonal profiles measure all beam energy profiles in only one measurement. Comparable to a 3D water scanner in performance, but much faster, use the IC PROFILER for LINAC factory testing, field installation and service, and routine trending of LINAC beam characteristics.

* Single cable carries power, data and is common to other Sun Nuclear instruments
* Connect to computer via USB or serial connection
IC PROFILER Applications
* Linac Servicing, commissioning, annual and monthly QA
* Situations where a 3D scanner may normally be required (i.e. after service or component replacement)
* Non-routine Beam QA & trouble shooting
* Comparison to known standards
* Beam start up conditions

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