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Lead Shielding : Fluke Clear-Pb ® X-Ray Shielding

Fluke Clear-Pb ® X-Ray Shielding

Fluke Clear-Pb ® X-Ray Shielding

Mobile Barriers

CLEAR-Pb ® Shatter-Resistant Lead-Plastic X-Ray Shielding

  • Modular X-Ray Control Booths
  • Mobile Barriers
  • Panoramic Windows and Frames

Anesthesia healthcare providers generally remain in close proximity to the patient for easy monitoring and administration of anesthesia. With limited space to work in, a special barrier is needed to easily maneuver in and out of tight spots. In fact, innovative designed barriers provide ideal radiation protection in virtually every type of setting.

CLEAR-Pb ® X-ray shielding is a lead-impregnated, transparent, plastic sheet that contains 30% lead by weight.

Customize your radiation protection with a wide array of CLEAR-Pb ® Mobile Barriers. The mobile barriers are available in a variety of lead equivalents, sizes and frame material.

Optional soft amber tint provides low refractive and reflective indices.
Optional stainless steel stand with sturdy 5 smooth-rolling casters for easy navigation.


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