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Handheld Survey Meters : Ludlum Model 9-7 Ion Chamber Display Unit

Ludlum Model 9-7 Ion Chamber Display Unit

Ludlum Model 9-7 Ion Chamber Display Unit
Part Number: 48-3689

* Direct Replacement for the Eberline Model RO-7
* Adapts to Existing Eberline RO-7 Detectors
* Design Improvements
   o Single Set of Batteries
   o Longer Battery Life
   o Separate Compartment for Field Battery Replacements

Model 9-7 shown with optional midrange
ion chamber detector attached

The Ludlum Model 9-7 Ion Chamber Display Unit is a
digital readout and control unit that can be attached
to any compatible ion chamber (sold separately).
This instrument is a direct replacement for the
discontinued Eberline Model RO-7 and will work with
any of the existing Eberline RO-7 series detectors,
extension and cables.

The instrument provides remote monitoring in high
range beta and gamma fields. The gamma measurement
range is .001 R/hr to 20,000 R/hr covered by
three separate detectors. The 9-7 automatically
recognizes which detector is connected so no
recalibration or adjustment is required whenever
switching detectors. These ion chambers can either
be connected directly to the instrument or via rigid
extensions, flexible cables or both to facilitate the
length required. The detectors will remain functional
with extension/cables up to 500 feet in length.

The instrument display and controls are very similar to the original RO-7 to minimize and procedural changes or retraining. The backlit LCD display presents three large 0.5" sized characters together with a floating decimal point to indicate the measurement along the R/hr scale. When connected to the highest range detector, a separate kR/hr indicator is prominently illuminated to warn the operator of the higher scale in use. A rotary switch for selecting instrument On/Off and battery status, a LCD backlight switch, and zero adjust knob are the extent of the external operator controls.

Display: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), 3 1/2 digits, 0.5" High (1.3cm). Includes, decimal point and minus sign. Backlit illumination provided by activating separate user-controllable switch.
Response Time: Approximately 2.5 seconds to 90 % of final reading on all ranges
External Controls:
  • 3 position rotary switch for instrument off, battery test and instrument on
  • Zero control
  • Display backlight on/off switch
  • Low Battery Alert
  • kR/h Range Active
Battery Complement: Two "D" cell batteries
Battery Life: 160 hours.
Construction: Painted aluminum case with separate battery compartment and accompanying front access door. Includes folding tripod stand and carrying handle.
Size: 9.3" H x 4.1" W x 8.75" L (23.6 x 10.4 x 22.2 cm)
Weight: 2.7 lbs. (1.2 kg)
Temperature: -4 to 1300 F (-20 to 550 C)
Compatible Detectors:
   Ludlum Models: 9-7-LD, 9-7-BM, 9-7-BH
   Eberline Models: RO-7-LD, RO-7-BM, RO-7-BH

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