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Portal Monitor : Ludlum Model 4906A Hand & Foot Monitor

Ludlum Model 4906A Hand & Foot Monitor Model 4906A Hand & Foot Monitor

* Large LCD user interface for presenting status & identifying any contaminated locations
* Automatic routines for detector setup and alarm calculations
* Voice prompting from supplied or user generated wav files
* Built in Ethernet interface with email service for alarms or failures (if connected to server)
* Logs each use, operational test, and calibration
* Singlehand pushbutton facilitates one-hand mode of operation
* Optional relays and status lights available

The Model 4906A is a low cost, industrial duty, alpha-only contamination monitoring system for checking personnel hands and feet. A large color LCD presents users with the system status and points out any potential contamination. The system employs six air proportional type detec- tors with counting activated by optical switches. Alarms are annunciated locally and can be augmented with optional relays and/or a light stack. The built-in Ethernet interface supports connection to a network for gathering all count cycles and remote monitoring of the status. All maintenance can be performed from the front of the instrument. Detector access for quick replacement or repair is facilitated by hinged top covers.

* LED lightstack easily added to communicate status at a glance
* Ethernet software indicates multiple units' status, logs use
* GM pancake or air-proportional hand detector available for recorded frisking
* Background detector available to warn of sudden changes in background radiation
* Barcode or magnetic ID reader

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