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Chambers : PTW Soft X-Ray Ion Chamber

PTW Soft X-Ray Ion Chamber

PTW Soft X-Ray Ion Chamber

Small Design, Flexibility


The soft X-Ray chamber is used for measurements in radiation therapy. It can be used in air as well as in solid state phantoms.

The typical calibration is at (15 ... 50) kV, the energy dependence is ±2%. The extremely small design allows measurements at small fields or steep dose gradients.

Key Benefits:
  • Suitable for use in solid state phantoms
  • Guard ring up to measuring volume
  • Guard ring at potential of the collecting electrode. Touchable parts free of high voltage
  • High voltage to be connected only with active current-limiting device (Imax < 0.5 mA)
  • Open measuring volume
  • If a check device is not available, an air density correction is necessary
  • Lengthening cable up to 100m available
  • Vented sensitive volume of 0.0053 cm3
  • Very thin flat entrance windows for dose measurements of low energy X-ray beams
  • Suitable for use in air and in sold state phantoms

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