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Test Patterns-Accessories : Radia Diagnostic Imaging QC

Radia Diagnostic Imaging QC

Radia Diagnostic Imaging QC

Radia Diagnostic Imaging QC In 3 Simple Steps . . .
1. Import Dicom Images using RIT Dicom Directory Viewer
2. One Button Click ‘n Score gives Pass or Fail with Detailed Data
3. One Button Click Exports to Database or Excel

. . . You Get
- Objective Image Quality Analysis using ACR Accreditation Phantoms
- Automated Pass/Fail Scoring
- Adjustable Scoring Options for User Visualization Specs.
- Full Set of Measurement Tools for Manual Review
- Assess Monitor Quality using TG18 Images
- Statistical Analysis and Trend Reporting

CT Module Tests - ACR Required Analysis
Positioning Accuracy
CT Number Accuracy
Slice Thickness
Low Contrast Resolution
CT Number Uniformity
Image Noise

Additional CT Analysis
Bar Pattern Modulation
Image Uniformity
MTF (SD Method)

Analysis Output Formats
Customizable Excel Export
Statistical and Trend Analysis

Other Modules
Small MRI Phantom

Click Here to Download a Printable Information Sheet. (.pdf format)