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Handheld Survey Meters : Ludlum Model 26 Integrated Pancake Frisker

Ludlum Model 26 Integrated Pancake Frisker

Ludlum Model 26-1 Frisker

Integrated GM Pancake Frisker

  • Integrated, Lightweight Ergonomic Design with High-Impact Plastic and Water-Resistant Rubber Seals
  • Employs Standard 15.51 cm2 GM Pancake Detector
  • Displays in mR/hr, μSv/h, dpm, Bq, cpm, or cps
  • Dead-Time Correction (DTC) allows Gamma Measurements up to 500 mR/hr or up to 1999 μSv/h
  • Simple Three-Button Operation
  • Count Rate, Exposure, Dose and Counting Alarms
  • Automatic Display Backlight
  • Bright Red Flashing ALARM LED
  • Includes Wrist Strap, Clear Pancake Cover, & Lanyard

The Ludlum Model 26-1 incorporates electronics and a time-tested GM (Geiger-Mueller) detector in an ergonomically designed, ruggedly-constructed, and water-resistant housing. The integrated unit is cable-less thereby simplifying the process of frisking people and objects. The optimized configuration includes a standard 15.51 cm2 GM pancake, loud audible "click" output, and large auto-ranging LCD display with automatic LCD backlighting.

Model 26-1 has the addition of a Units button that can display measurements in terms of mR/hr, µSv/h, dpm, Bq or cpm. These features are combined in one convenient package making it easier than ever to detect alpha/beta contamination and measure gamma fields on personnel and objects.

Operation of the Model 26-1 is kept simple through the use of just three buttons that are strategically placed for one-handed operation. Three modes of operation RATE, MAX, and COUNT, are available.

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