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Multi Function Meters : RaySafe Xi

RaySafe Xi

RaySafe Xi Detector Series

Meet the Family

The RaySafe Xi is a complete family of products for multi-parameter measurements on all modalities. This includes R/F, Mammo, Dental and CT with added options for luminance and illuminance measurements of medial monitors as well as a detector for scatter and leakage radiation measurements.

The RaySafe Xi is the ultimate QA solution fitted into a small and portable Aluminum Case.

All RaySafe Xi Detectors are interchangeable and function with any respective Base Unit.

Acquire your first exposure in less than a minute.

The RaySafe Xi system can simultaneously measure kVp, dose, dose rate, HVL, total filtration, pulse, pulse rate, dose/frame, mA, mAs, time and waveforms. These measured values of kVp and dose are automatically corrected, utilizing Active Compensation, to provide you with an accurate and corrected value. By using multiple sensors and advanced algorithms, the RaySafe Xi automatically determines the beam quality and corrects for any added filtration - with minimal setup time.

RaySafe Xi Base Unit

RaySafe Xi Base Unit

The base unit is the heart of the RaySafe Xi system. Simply connect any of the detectors and you’ll be up and running in no time.

There are two versions of the RaySafe Xi Base Unit - one with and one without mAs capabilities. Both are fully compatible and interchangeable with all RaySafe Xi Detectors.

Base Unit Features
  • Immediate read-out for quick measurements
  • Connect any of the interchangeable detectors and you'll be up and running in no time
  • The three-row back-lit alphanumerical display clearly presents all measured parameters
  • All functions are accessed by pressing one of the two button on the RaySafe Xi

More on the Raysafe Xi Base Unit (PDF Format)...


The RaySafe Xi supports both RS-232/USB and the optional Bluetooth data communication protocols.

The new RaySafe Xi View software provided is used to record measured data, waveforms and test results in Excel ™ as well as controlling the instrument using the new bi-directional serial interface.


RaySafe Xi R/F Detector
R/F detector

From the lowest to the highest without corrections

The RaySafe Xi R/F detector is capable of measuring kVp, dose, dose rate, pulse, pulse rate, dose/frame, time, HVL, total filtration and waveforms simultaneously. This is done with minimal user interaction since the instrument can automatically detect and calculate the pulse rate and dose/pulse, or direct HVL measurement for each exposure.

The R/F detector is also suitable for intra-oral, cone beam and OPG dental machines as well as kVp and HVL measurements on CT.

More on the Raysafe Xi R/F Detector (PDF Format)

RaySafe Xi MAM Detector
MAM Detector

Direct HVL measurements on all mammographic beam qualities

A unique feature of the RaySafe Xi MAM detector is its ability to directly measure the HVL for each exposure without the need for filters and multiple exposures. In addition, the standard RaySafe Xi MAM detector simultaneously measures kVp (Mo/Mo), dose, dose rate, HVL, time and waveforms on common beam qualities (Mo/Mo, Mo/Al, Mo/Rh, Rh/Rh, Rh/Al and W/Rh) used in today’s mammo X-ray machines.

The RaySafe Xi editions offer extended MAM capabilities when adding optional calibrations such as the M-Pro 2.0 option with kVp, dose and HVL measurements on W/Rh, Mo/Rh and dose and direct HVL on W/Ag. M-Pro 2.0 Plus also adds kVp, dose, HVL and time measurements on W/Al as well as combo mode using both W/Rh and W/Al during the same exposure.

More on the Raysafe Xi MAM Detector (PDF Format)

RaySafe Xi CT Detector
CT detector

CT dose made easy

The RaySafe Xi CT detector is a hybrid ion chamber designed by Unfors RaySafe. The ion chamber and electronics are combined into one unit making it possible to measure both temperature and pressure to actively compensate for this dependency.

The temperature is actually measured inside the ion chamber giving very precise compensations both with and without a CT phantom. With no baseline drift, this carbon fiber ion chamber is ready to use within one minute.

More on the Raysafe Xi CT Detector (PDF Format)

RaySafe Xi Transparent Detector
Transparent detector

Virtually transparent to X-rays

The RaySafe Xi Transparent detector is the perfect complement to the RaySafe Xi R/F detector.

The transparent detector enables easy and fast dose and dose rate measurements without disturbing the kVp, mA, or mAs parameters of an ABC or AEC exposure. This allows a simple and accurate setup for measuring entrance skin exposure and entrance skin exposure rate.

Unlike the R/F detector, the Transparent detector is designed to measure scattered radiation. It also has negligible energy and beam quality dependence over the entire diagnostic energy range.

More on the Raysafe Xi Transparent Detector (PDF Format)

RaySafe Xi Survey Detector
Survey detector

Small and precise solution for survey measurements

The RaySafe Xi Survey detector is a unique design based on solid state sensors with clear benefits in size, sensitivity and durability. The new RaySafe Xi Survey detector can be used for scatter and leakage measurements in X-ray and nuclear medicine applications. Since the detector is based on solid state sensor technology, there is virtually no warm-up time and no temperature or pressure dependencies. A response time of as low as 0.5 s and an audible tone proportional to the dose rate makes it very easy to use. The detector has high sensitivity paired with an excellent energy response and is suitable for usage in the energy range of 13 keV to more than 1.25 MeV, thereby delivering precise measurements.

More on the Raysafe Xi Survey Detector (PDF Format)

RaySafe Xi Light Detector
Light detector

High precision and convenience for testing medical monitors and more

The RaySafe Xi Light detector can measure illuminance and contact luminance measurements on CRT and LCD monitors as well as testing view boxes and collimators. Data can be stored in the internal memory or exported to the RaySafe Xi View via serial or Bluetooth communication.

The RaySafe Xi Light detector fulfils the DIN 5032 Class B specifications for both illuminance and luminance and has a perfect cosine-corrected response for ambient light and a state-of-the art photopic response.

More on the Raysafe Xi Light Detector (PDF Format)

RaySafe Xi Base Unit with mAs Detector
mAs detector

Invasive measurement of tube current

Simultaneous measurements of radiation parameters and mAs can be obtained with the RaySafe Xi mAs Detector placed in the radiation field and the meter connected to the mAs ports. After each exposure, all parameters will be displayed as well as waveforms for further study.

As a stand-alone meter, mA, mAs, time, pulse, pulse rate, mAs/pulse and waveforms will also be displayed after and during each exposure. When using the provided RaySafe Xi View software, individual pulses can be viewed and analyzed from the waveform.

More on the Raysafe Xi mAs Detector (PDF Format)


LACO offers a full line of top quality accessories for the RaySafe Xi product Line. See the Datasheet below for more information.

Click Here for information on Available Raysafe Xi Accessories (PDF Format)



RaySafe is leading the way in radiation technology, not only with high quality instruments but also with top-notch service. So when purchasing an RaySafe solution for your facility, protect your investment with the RaySafe Service Program.

Click Here for the Entire Raysafe Xi Product Line Datasheet (PDF Format)