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Multi Function Meters : RaySafe ThinX

RaySafe ThinX RaySafe ThinX
for Radiographic Quality Control
  • Fully Automated X-ray meter
  • kVp, dose, rate, HVL and time
  • Extremely easy to use

    An easy tool for fast results that has been designed to meet the need for a basic multi-parameter instrument for simultaneous measurement of dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, time & pulses. All parameters are continually viewed in the convenient LCD display.

    An Easy-To-Use Instrument
    The RaySafe ThinX is an easy-to-use instrument thanks to its fully automatic user interface. There is no need ot adjust settings, set-up or range selection, as the RaySafe ThinX works all automatically. As soon as radiation is detected the instrument switches itself on by using the automatic on/off function. With a long battery lifetime of more than 1 year, no maintenance is needed.

    Active Compensation
    Thanks to RaySafe Active Compensation technology, no further corrections are required regarding variations in beam filtration to both kVp and dose measurements.
    Mulitple sensors and advanced calculations automatically determine the beam quality, thereby eliminating the need for further corrections of measured kVp and dose values. The solid state sensor technology enables maximum accuracy whilst making measurements as effortless as possible.

    Click Here to Download a RaySafe ThinX Printable Datasheet. (PDF format)