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ADCL Calibrations : Calibrations

Calibrations LACO Inc. is proud to offer the calibration services of K & S Associates, Inc. When you purchase your new electrometer or ion chambers from LACO, Inc. we will be glad to arrange for its proper calibration so your equipment is delivered to you ready to be used. You only need one purchase order to cover the purchase of the equipment, calibration, service, shipping and handling. Pricing is the same as you would pay going direct to K & S for the ADCL calibration without the hassle.

K & S Associates currently offers the broadest range of precision calibration and dosimetry services available covering energies from 10 kVp to 250 kVp x-rays, Cesium 137 and Cobalt 60, LDR (Iodine 125, Cesium 137, Iridium 192) and Iridium 192 HDR brachytherapy. K & S offers diagnostic x-ray beam calibrations covering mammography, general radiography and CT and noninvasive kVp meter calibrations over the same range.

Therapy Precision Radiation Therapy Calibrations from 10 kVp to Cobalt 60.

Brachytherapy - Low Dose Rate (LDR) and High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy Source and Well Chamber Calibrations.

Diagnostic - X-ray Calibrations for Mammography, General Radiography, CT, Light Meter, survey instruments & noninvasive kVp meters.

K&S Associates, Inc. is accredited by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) to provide precision calibrations of all brands of equipment.

We can also facilitate the quality re-calibration of your existing electrometers and x-ray QA equipment. Give us a call and find out how easy and inexpensive it can be.

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