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Patient Dose Verification System : Veridose Solid-State Diode Detectors

 Veridose Solid-State Diode Detectors

Veridose Solid-State Diode Detectors

Designed to provide superior response, reliability, and performance
Long-lifetime diodes. Tested to 2 x 106 cGy in a high-energy electron beam, the most damaging radiation
Very low dose rate and temperature dependence
Hemispherical shape improves isotropic response and reduces angular and field-size dependencies

Using the VeriDose Patient Dose Monitor Quality Control (PDMQC)
System or the VeriDose V Patient Dose Monitor in conjunction with
VeriDose Solid-State Diode Detectors, you can verify the given dose
quickly and accurately during treatment, thus avoiding potential
misadministration of radiation.

VeriDose Solid-State Diode Detectors are solid-state silicon-based
radiation detectors that utilize a p-n junction. These rugged diodes are
encased within a biocompatible polystyrene material. A low noise
coaxial cable is used to connect the diode to an electrometer. When
attached to an electrometer, these diodes provide enhanced sensitivity
and instantaneous response time.

Waterproof design with appropriate buildup for all clinical photon and electron energies
Flat bottom permits secure, easy placement on the patient
Color-coded for ease of identification
Dose rate independent
Responds to photons and electrons
Responds to dose rates of 1.0 to 1000 cGy/min
Can be used on continuous (60Co) x-ray beams, pulsed (linear-accelerator) x-ray beams, and electron beams
Optimized for use with all Nuclear Associates Patient Dose Monitors and high-quality medical-grade ionization chamber electrometers
All diodes are supplied with a non-crimp repairable cable with a coax BNC connector

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