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Linac Daily Output QA Devices : PTW QUICKCHECK webline

Compact and easy to use portable check device for daily constancy tests of the relevant LINAC parameters

  • Uses sturdy ionization chambers
  • Connects via USB, RS232 or TCP/IP to a computer or network
  • Combines detector, electronics and display in one handy device
  • Includes automatic beam quality check
  • Features cordless operation with rechargeable batteries
  • Comprehensive software package included

The QUICKCHECK webline is a highly reliable and very easy to use QC measurement device especially designed to make daily routine measurements for LINAC constancy tests as convenient as possible. With 13 vented ionization chambers, integrated in a housing that also contains the complete electronics, the QUICKCHECK webline combines very high accuracy with the highest level of usability. Air density corrections of the open ionization chambers are performed automatically.

PTW QUICKCHECK webline photo

QUICKCHECK webline features all the measuring tasks for daily constancy tests of the relevant LINAC parameters such as symmetry, flatness, central beam dose, energy, irradiation time or wedge filtering. All these tasks can be performed with this single portable wireless device.

Settings and readings can be done directly at the device as a bright full-color display is built in. Autostart, autostop, auto power-off and auto calendar functions allow hassle-free measurements. While not used for measurements, the device can be stored in an optional docking station. A comprehensive software package enables the user to set up worklists and to read out and analyze measured data.

  • Product: Test device for constancy check of medical linear accelerators
  • Detector type: Vented ionization chambers, air density compensated
  • Number of detectors: 13
  • PTW QUICKCHECK webline photo
  • Measured quantities: Dose, dose rate, irradiation time, temperature and air pressure
  • Nominal useful energy range: (4 ... 25) MV photons
    (4 ... 25) MeV electrons
  • Nominal range of dose rate: (0.5 ... 10) Gy/min
  • Response: 3.4 nC/Gy (typical)
  • Measurement volume: 0.1 cm3 per chamber
  • Field sizes: (10 x 10) cm2, (20 x 20) cm2
  • Temperature range: (10 ... 40) ºC, (50 ... 95) ºF
  • Humidity range: (10 ... 80) %, max. 20 g/m3
  • Air pressure range: (700 ... 1060) hPa
  • Display: TFT color display, 70 mm x 53 mm
  • Interfaces: RS232, USB, and LAN (TCP/IP)
  • Power supply: 4 rechargeable batteries AA (NiMH)
  • Outer dimensions: 381 mm x 263 mm x 66 mm
  • Weight: Measurement device 4.5 kg
    Docking station 1.8 kg

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