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Room Lasers : Centralite CT 3 Moving Laser System

Three-Moving Lasers for greater precision

The Centralite CT Three-Moving Laser System
(Model CML-3, CML-3PC)
provides two moving planes (X & Z) and one fixed plane (Y).

  • Complete system control through graphical handheld terminal (including remote coordinate transfer from TPS system) allowing therapist to maintain focus on the patient
  • Accurate, error-free marking of patients due to precise, self-calibrated laser line positioning
  • Seamless interface to all major commercial virtual simulation and treatment planning systems, allowing you to choose the system that works best for your facility


System Components
  • 1 Overhead Moving Laser Actuator
  • Left and Right Lateral Moving Laser Actuators
  • System Controller
  • Operator Handheld Terminal
  • Optional PC Interface for TPS Connectivity
Laser Models
  • Model CML-3
  • Model CML-3PC

Click Here to Download a Printable Information Sheet. (.pdf format)